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Knoxville, TN
United States

In4mation on PRINCE

Rave! The 2000 Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards ceremony
was held on July 24 in New York. Prince was nominated in the
"Best Internet-Only Single" category and won the award for "One Song"
which was released on http://www.love4oneanother.com on January 1,2000
NPG Online Ltd. has released the official release dates for
Rave Un2 the Year 2000 Video/DVD
Euope (incl. UK)-June 5th 2000
Japan-July 1st 2000
USA-October 31st 2000

According to MTV News Prince will be featured on the next Spike Lee Soundtrack. The movie
is entitled "Bamboozled". The article doesn't specify whether Prince's input will take the 4m of a
new, unreleased track, collaboration or an already-released track. 4mer NPG bass player Ronda Smith has a solo album entitled "Intellipop" out now. Prince's brand new video 4 "Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Mix)" has premiered on the RealGuide web site
That's all the in4mation I have 4 U now. Love God!

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