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When you want the Artist you get the Artist!!!!!

Love 4 One Another: Best Site 4 0(+> info!
NPG Online LTD.: New NPG site!
The Rolling Stone:
Billboard: Go see where 0(+> is on the charts!
"The One" promo disc: View "The One" promo disc Great picture of 0(+> and Mayte!
1-800-New-Funk: Best place on the net to buy 0(+> !
Old Friends 4 Sale: Great place to find Prince/0(+>'s videos!!!
MTV Online: Vote 4 0(+> on TRL!

Knoxville, TN
United States

In4mation on PRINCE
    Love God!  The Artist attended the 14 Annual 
Genesis Awards . He was being honored with the Dolly Green Special 
Acheivement Award.  There is a new site called NPG Online 
LTD.  It is a lot like Love4OneAnother. Prince is back to being 
Prince.  Let's all jump for joy. We know what to call him when we 
meet him! Well, that is all the in4mation I have for you now.  
Peace n b Wild,
P.S. Please Visit My Updated Site

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